Since 2004 we have obtained and settled EU subsidies and other measures necessary for investment implementation in enterprises. The ranking lists prepared by ‘Forbes’ and ‘European Funds’, in which we have taken top positions for many years, shall be the confirmation of our high effectiveness and professionalism.
We specialise in the EU, business and credit consulting, and in supporting new investment processes planning.

By cooperating with financial institutions, universities, research and development units and patent offices, we create and provide services tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.
We invite you to cooperate with us!

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Our company consists of experts that have a long-term experience, primarily in the scope of subsidies and EU funds. As a result, we have built a large portfolio of clients satisfied with high effectiveness and high quality of our services.

Our key departments include:

Department of Projects
It primarily consists of analysts and specialists in the field of EU subsidies and banking. They are responsible for the preparation of projects, ranging from understanding client’s needs, their investment plans, through the selection of an appropriate programme and source of funding and with consideration of the project evaluation criteria and the assessment of chances for obtaining financing. This is where we prepare analyses necessary to develop a project, business plans and feasibility studies. It is a part of our company where the client’s application documentation is developed.

Department of Finance and Settlements
In the case of EU subsidies, our specialists monitor proper implementation of investment projects, and deal with their settlement. Experience of these people, their skills and invaluable ability to navigate the labyrinth of complex procedures and regulations, as well as contacts with competent institutions and authorities guarantee the success of the client’s projects, and a timely payment of the subsidy.

Department for Environmental Research
Our specialists are involved in the evaluation of projects in terms of their impact on the environment. This applies, in particular, to projects from the scope of renewable energy sources (photovoltaics, hydro power stations and wind power stations) and increasing energy efficiency in companies. Our energy audits, environmental monitoring, measurements, research and analyses, which constitute the basis of environmental reports, are the necessary part of most investment projects carried out by companies and co-financed from EU funds.

Grzegorz Stolarczyk
Managing Partner
mobile +48 601 966 621

Tomasz Leśków
Managing Partner
mobile +48 696 487 597

Ziemowit Grygierczyk
Managing Partner
mobile +48 600 269 993



We enjoy the trust of our customers, because:

  • They come back to us with new projects
  • We prepare projects that have great chances to obtain co-financing, and those projects receive the funds. We don’t submit projects just to submit them, and we don’t expose clients to unnecessary costs
  • We take responsibility for our work
  • We treat each client individually, regardless of the project size
  • We create a pleasant atmosphere of cooperation, treating customers as our partners

It’s worth to collaborate with us

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